C&R Press is open for full length manuscripts in all categories for our 2017-18 catalog. Novels, poetry, short story collections, creative non-fiction, memoir, experimental and hybrid work. 

C&R Press submissions are open for our Winter Soup Bowl Chapbook and New York reading series. 

C&R Press is engaging more than ever in our community, seeking diverse and submerged voices, hosting readings and events at festivals from the Brooklyn Book Festival and the Miami Book Festival, to Sewanee and the Texas Book Festival, to off-site gatherings at AWP. (Next Spontaneous Literary Mixer is 9/16/17 in NYC - Concrete&Water). 

C&R has never held a formal reading period. We accept work that will hold people’s attention for years to come. It’s true that not all submitted work can be taken for publication, but please know each contribution helps support our cause (we’re poets and writers, too!)—which is to celebrate and promote literature. The funds created by the reading period go toward one goal: the creation of author-friendly contract models and opportunities to market and promote essential literature. 

We look forward to seeing your work!

*Please note that for work we've classified In Progress we do not allow edits or changes to the manuscript. 

C&R Press is open for submissions of full length manuscripts in every category for our 2018-19 catalog. Novels, poetry, short story collections, creative non-fiction, memoir, essay, experimental and hybrid work. 

C&R publishes 12-16 books across all genres each year.

See our website for current and upcoming titles:

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