C&R welcomes your consideration and work!

All manuscripts in every genre are considered for publication through our full length open general submissions or one of our genre prizes. All of our books are published in print and eBooks.

Each year, C&R Press awards three $1,000 prizes for a poetry book, a novel or short story collection, and a creative nonfiction or memoir book. The winners in each genre, a shortlist, and longlist will be announced are announced in either December of the same year or January of the next. We consider publishing runners-up and other manuscripts. Winning books will receive publication in fall 2024 for 2023 submissions. Each prize winner will also receive a marketing campaign to promote the release of the book valued at $2,000. Any runners-up selected for publication will receive a standard royalty-based contract and generally will be offered publication within a 1-2 year timeline.

All prizes observe the CLMP Contest Code of Ethics. Prizes are also read blind.  Please do not include identifying info inside the manuscript.

C&R Press is engaging our community more than ever, by seeking diverse and submerged voices, and when it's safe again, we'll return to hosting readings and events at festivals from the Brooklyn Book Festival and the Miami Book Festival, to Decatur and AWP, and off-site gatherings around the Book Expo and other events and conferences.

We look forward to reading your work!

Please read about our long history and some of our authors Honors, Awards & Accolades! If you'd like to see past contest awardees please visit our submissions page.

*Please note that for work we've classified In Progress we do not allow edits or changes to the manuscript. 

*For non-prize full length fiction, memoir, essays and other manuscripts we can take 6-12 months to respond, in some cases faster and in some longer. Our policy is to give manuscripts that have strong, though not unanimous support, multiple chances to be selected across several reading periods. We welcome inquiries and ask for patience. We are giving each work the read through and consideration it deserves. Please feel free to inquire for non-contest submissions after 9 months by pming us through our FB or IG.

*The prize does not apply to regular submissions under consideration from past full-length open periods.  


C&R Press is open for submissions of full length manuscripts in every genre for our 2024 and 2025 catalogs (And Beyond). We're looking for: novels, poetry, short story collections, creative nonfiction, memoir, essay, experimental and hybrid work -- work that is interesting, tells a story, or is unusual in some capacity, well crafted, and has a voice or perspective. We're also looking for really strong genre work for 2024 and beyond!

  • Historically, C&R Press has published 6-12 books across all genres each year, though this may vary in any given year according to our catalog, editorial schedule, and other factors.
  • For Novels and memoirs, please include a synopsis.
  • See our website for current and upcoming titles: https://www.crpress.org/shop/

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